About us

Over the years many Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations have failed or have experienced serious problems and cost over runs because of being either over engineered or poor solution decisions taken or simply incompetence of the implementation consultants.

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can proudly claim that we are amongst the leaders in the successful designing and implementation of the correct solutions for your business.

TeamGenix Solutions was established in 2020 with the specific purpose to address the Microsoft Dynamics 365 market. Over a number of years, we have witnessed many Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementations going astray and not achieving success and we believe that our high-quality expertise is able to change failures into success.

Our expertise is perfectly geared towards architecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and assisting customers to validate or audit solution artefacts or plans.

We enable our technology partners to provide accurate information to customers in order to manage expectations by minimising delivery deviations. From years of experience, it is evident that testing ideas allows for a higher successful implementation rate. TeamGenix Solutions believes that technology partners can deliver better solutions by validating solution decisions with a competent 3rd party.

TeamGenix Solutions assist customers to validate responses and information received from technology partners. Customers often find themselves in difficult positions when confronted with solution proposals by technology partners to correctly assess if the solution proposed is fit for the business and if the identified Gaps are Gaps in reality or whether it will be better to change business processes rather than make modifications to the system.

TeamGenix Solutions believes that by offering our services to the customer and assisting the customer in validating and approving the solutions, the technology partners are motivated to deliver better and higher quality solutions, keep the technology partner focused on achieving success which eventually results in better relationships between the technology partners and customer.

Although TeamGenix Solutions is able to deliver solution artefacts, TeamGenix Solutions believes that better solutions can be delivered by a technology partner to a customer by fulfilling a 3rd party role governing the solutions and project.

Our Mission

To assist our technology partners in architecting a solution with the least amount of risk to the customer and to help the customer validate the proposed solution from a partner.

Our Vision

To ensure that new implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are of the highest standard with minimum customisations.